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Glossy Slick Fabric Paint by Tulip 1.25 oz

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Slick puffy paint not only adds texture to your garments and decorations it's also super shiny.

It comes in a wide range of bold colors perfect for bright kids crafts.

Use it on wood, glass, ceramics, canvas and more! It's easily cleaned up with water and and non-toxic, making it the go-to fabric paint for fun family projects.

Use 'Slick' puffy paint to decorate your own t-shirts, shoes, tote bags, pillows and chair cushions, your imagination is the limit!

Hints & Tips

To get added dimension from you puffy paint, wait until it is dry, set your iron to steam and hover it over your paint project to expand the paint- be sure not to let it touch!

Once dry the paint will be super shiny and adhere strongly to your fabric making it machine washable for many, many cycles.

1.25 oz Bottle with easy application tip and specially designed cap. Store your bottles upside down with cap on to prevent any air bubbles from forming and to keep your paint fresh and ready to use.

Paint conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.

Try making your own holiday window clings:

Fabric Paint | Shiny Puffy Paint, Easy Clean Up, Tulip Slick Gloss Glossy Slick Fabric Paint by Tulip 1.25 oz Yarn Designers Boutique
Glossy Slick Fabric Paint by Tulip 1.25 oz Sale price$2.19