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Clover Double Ended Stitch Holders, Small #351

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Crafted to make your knitting seamless and efficient, this Clover Double Ended Stitch Holder allows you to effortlessly move stitches from either end, making it a must-have tool for any knitter.

Measuring at a convenient 5-1/4" in length, Clover's small stitch holder is designed to accommodate needle sizes ranging from 2 (2.75mm) to 7 (4.5mm), making it suitable for a variety of knitting projects. Whether you're working on intricate lacework or cozy sweaters, this stitch holder is your go-to companion.

How to Use this Stitch Holder

Simply remove either end cap, slip your stitches onto the holder with ease, and then securely replace the end cap. This intuitive design streamlines your knitting process, ensuring that your stitches are held securely in place while you work on other sections of your project.

With its unique features and practicality, Clover's Stitch Holder is the perfect addition to your knitting toolkit.

Get yours today and enjoy the convenience of effortlessly moving stitches with Clover's innovative design.

Check out the video below to see these stitch holders in action.

Clover Double Ended Stitch Holders for Knitting, Small #351 2 pack
Clover Double Ended Stitch Holders, Small #351 Sale price$4.75