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Summer Beaded Keyhole Scarf, Knitting Pattern

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Looking for summer knitting ideas? This beaded scarf knitting pattern is perfect for warmer weather, the beads add a bit of weight so the ends don't flair out, and the knit keyhole keeps the scarf in place. If you would like to start knitting with beads this pattern would be the perfect place to start, we cover the easiest ways to get your beads strung up, and tips for keeping your beads your yarn! This is also a fun way to learn how to create a keyhole, which can be applied to any of your other projects.

To turn this into a children's keyhole scarf, just leave off the last bead and 5 stitch repeat, and skip a few rows from each of the three sections.

For this scarf you're going to want to choose a yarn that will be durable (as the beads will be rubbing on it forevermore), and that has an even thickness so the beads don't get stuck. This pattern calls for a DK weight yarn that is soft for the neck but will still be cool for the summer. From my vast selection I recommend, Elsebeth Lavold’s “Hempathy" yarn. This yarn is made from Hemp, Cotton and Modal. (Modal is made from Beech wood chips!) With this yarn you'll want to choose a size 6/0 bead. If you opt for a different yarn, you will need to adjust your bead size accordingly.

If you would like to turn this into a FREE knitting pattern for a summer scarf, just buy your yarn and beads from us, and let us know you want to make this project when you check out, and we'll include it in your shipment. This pattern is in PDF format and will be available for instant download after you've completed your transaction.

You will need:
153 yards of DK yarn
1 pair Size 5 (3.75mm) single point needles
1 extra Size 5 needle or set of Size 5 double pointed needles
10 strings or 1,700 size 6/0 beads

The video below shows you how to cast on your knitting with beads specifcially for this scarf:

Summer Beaded Keyhole Scarf Knitting Pattern | Yarn Designers Boutique Summer Beaded Keyhole Scarf, Knitting Pattern Yarn Designers Boutique
Summer Beaded Keyhole Scarf, Knitting Pattern Sale price$5.00