The Complete Book of Decorative Painting

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Destined to become an essential reference for decorative painters, this handy guide brings you practical solutions to a variety of painting problems.

From preparing the surface, to utilizing floating techniques, to completing your final project, you will have full-color, step-by-step instructions to help you find answers to key questions. This helpful guide also includes tips and techniques for attending classes and seminars, as well as a list of major conventions globally.

  • With this guide, you can easily find the painting help you need--fast.
  • This guide is full of great advice to help beginners and expert painters alike become even better.
  • Plus, it's a lightweight reference book that won't weigh down your project bag or take up too much room on your bookshelf.


Don't dismiss this book as another Jocasta Innes look-alike. Instead, California artist Leigh takes in the world of folk-art painting, such as tole and rosemaling work, that goes beyond faux finishes to include brush-stroke techniques and realistic interpretations of nature, people, and animals. Indeed, this is a bona fide reference on the art, complete with all the information and instructions necessary to start a project. Of course, all the usual topics are covered: materials and supplies, color, surfaces, techniques, brush strokes, lettering and borders, finishes, even five try-your-hand projects. What's unusual is the depth and breadth of the detail; Leigh features, for example, a full chapter on specialty brushes and their usage, as well as a separate one on classes, conventions, teachers, magazines, and other resources. A bible for novices and experienced painters.
-Barbara Jacobs

About the Author

Tera Leigh is a renowned crafter, artist and author from California. She penned acclaimed work The Complete Book of Decorative Painting (North Light Books), earning a Craftrends 2002 award and inclusion in the "Top 10 Craft & Hobby Books of 2002" from Booklist. Tera is a frequent contributor to Paintworks, Decorative Artist's Workbook and Tole World magazines. Additionally, her original designs have appeared in various painting and home décor periodicals. Furthermore, she will be writing columns for Country Marketplace and Quick & Easy Painting in 2003.

Published by North Light Books on October 20, 2001
Paperback, 256 pages, English
Dimensions: 8.5" x 0.75" x 11.25"

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