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Umbrella Lacis Swift Yarn Winder

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Ball off yarn hanks without getting them tangled. Simply open up the yarn winder to the desired diameter, put your hank on, and open it out a little more so there's enough tension to keep your hank on. Then start winding your ball with our Knit Picks Ball Winder (to create a center pulled cake that will sit flat on your table and not roll around every time you pull more yarn). The yarn winder will automatically pivot around to feed the yarn as you pull it.

This yarn swift will adjust to any hank circumference up to 60cm. It comes with a table clamp and wooden twist screws to hold it in place and spins freely as you wind your skeins on your yarn ball winder (not included).

Integral handle means you can also use it as a winder to create hanks, an adjustable clamp allows you to use it in a vertical, horizontal, or angled position.


Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder is made of durable plastic. 

Yarn Swift | Expandable Umbrella Lacis Swift Yarn Winder, Lightweight Umbrella Lacis Swift Yarn Winder Yarn Designers Boutique
Umbrella Lacis Swift Yarn Winder Sale price$45.29