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Waterfall Yarn from Knit Collage

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Waterfall Yarn by Knit Collage Yarns is a mesmerizing ribbon yarn that brings a touch of artistry to your knitting projects.

Made from hand-dyed viscose, Waterfall resembles a captivating watercolor painting captured on yarn.

This fluid and drippy yarn is a must-have for all your summer knits allowing you to unleash your creativity in style.

  • Waterfall yarn seamlessly complements patterns designed for Wildflower yarn. Whenever you encounter a pattern calling for Wildflower, feel confident in substituting it with Waterfall yarn. This versatility expands your options and enhances your crafting experience.
  • When you choose Waterfall yarn, you not only support our business but also empower the talented Indian women who spin Knit Collage yarns.
  • With a length of approximately 60 yards and a width of 5/8", Waterfall yarn provides you with ample material to bring your knitting visions to life.
  • Waterfall yarn is super bulky, allowing for quick and efficient progress on your projects.
  • It pairs harmoniously with needle sizes ranging from US 11 to 35 or 8mm to 19mm, granting you the freedom to experiment and achieve the desired texture and drape.

When it comes to maintenance, Waterfall yarn prefers to be pampered gently. Dry cleaning or spot cleaning methods are recommended to preserve its exquisite beauty and ensure lasting quality.

Elevate your knitting with Waterfall yarn by Knit Collage.

Let its enchanting colors and delicate texture inspire your creations and bring a touch of artistic elegance to every stitch. By choosing Waterfall, you become part of a larger mission, supporting both the skilled artisans in India and empowering women-led small business in the US.

Experience the magic of Waterfall yarn and embark on a knitting journey like no other.

Super Bulky Weight
Approx. 60 yards, 5/8" Wide
100% Viscose

2.5 Ounces (70 grams)
4 Inches = 8 Stitches on US 11 - 35 (8mm - 19mm) Knitting Needles
Care: Dry Clean or Spot Clean Gently  

Ribbon Yarn | Waterfall Yarn from Knit Collage | Hand Dyed Fair Trade Waterfall Yarn from Knit Collage Yarn Designers Boutique
Waterfall Yarn from Knit Collage Sale price$42.00