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Zen Mandalas Sacred Circles inspired by Zentangle

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Explore the healing powers mandalas with Zentangle!

Inside Zen Mandalas, you'll find illustrated instructions to make:

  • A mandala
  • Snowflake mandala
  • making mandalas with a stencil
  • geometic mandalas
  • Shading
  • Symbolism
  • adding color to mandalas.

Also included are 60 different tangles, with visual step-by-step instructions to create each, plus variations.

Beautiful finished examples from Suzanne McNeill are peppered throughout the book to inspire your creativity. You'll also find helpful hints and bonus border tangles to add a little extra decoration to your finished mandala.

What are Mandalas?
Mandalas connect the spirit, offering symbols found in nature while helping to discover the inner self and acquire a sense of wonder and inspiration. The circle of a mandala represents wholeness and unity.

What is Zentangle?
Zentangle is a relaxing process which brings the mind and spirit into focus through the repetition of simple shapes. Zentangle is very personal and requires no artistic training. The underlying philosophy of the mandala expands the message in your drawings as you investigate your feelings and discover your hidden potential.
The process of Zentangle helps anyone get in touch with life. It opens your awareness to new ideas, helps you solve problems, calms the soul, and fosters your creative spirit.

Gently appreciate the uniqueness of your experience in the world as you create beautiful drawings that reflect your vision, and discover the infinite possibilities that spring from inner peace and creativity.

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Zen Mandalas, Sacred Circles Inspired by Zentangle Zen Mandalas Sacred Circles inspired by Zentangle Yarn Designers Boutique
Zen Mandalas Sacred Circles inspired by Zentangle Sale price$16.99