Felting Needle Tool, Refills 5 Pack, Heavy Weight

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Clover Felting Needle Tool Refills are ideal for attaching appliques to knits.

This package includes five refill needles exclusively for use with the Felting Needle Tool (sold separately) and designed to use with heavy weight felts.

Other felting tools are sold separately- we have the Needle Felting Claw and Mat Cleaner, Pen Style Needle, Large Felting Needle Tool, and Needle Felting Matt here. Also if you'd like a beginner felting kit that includes all the supplies you can find them here.

How to Replace Your Felting Needles

Simply unscrew and open up your Needle Felting Tool (sold separately), tip out the old or broken needles (careful they're sharp), drop your new needles in.


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