Tuscan Snow by Filatura Santa Lucia

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This yarn is quite special to us as we discovered it on a knitting trip in Prato, Italy and got to see the whole manufacturing process.

You can purchase exactly however many yards you need to complete your project and it will come in one continuous strand, saving you time weaving in ends and avert unsightly knots in your project.

Use this yarn for both hand knitting and machine knitting, it's actually been designed for use with knitting machines.

The fibers are dyed before being spun, giving the color a subtle depth. And it's made with a blend of wools and long Acrylic fibers which  prevent the yarn from pilling, event after lots of use. Loosely spun, this yarns gives the appearance of 100% wool, but the easy care of acrylic.

How to Choose Your Yardage:

This yarn comes in quantity increments of 100 yards.
For Example: Qty 1 = 100 Yards
                      Qty 10 = 1,000 Yards

So whatever quantity you choose in the dropdown menu- add 2 zeros, and thats how many yards you'll receive.

Cake Size
The largest cake we can create on our winder is 300 yards. When you order your yarn we will aim to keep it all as one continuous strand.

For example if you order 800 yards, you would receive 2 cakes of 300 yards + 1 cake of 200 yards. And the strand WILL NOT be cut between balls, they'll still be attached to each other.

Cake Weights
100 Yard Cake Weighs 2oz
300 Yard Cake Weighs 6 oz

Save 20% when you by 1,000 yards or more, discount will automatically apply at checkout. (Discount cannot be combined with other offers.)

Weight: Worsted
Fiber: 75% Acrylic, 10% Viscose, 10% Wool, 5% Alpaca
Gauge: 4-5 Stitches per Inch on US 8-9 (5-5.5mm) Knitting Needles
Crochet Hook: H or I (5-5.5mm)
Care: Wash in 30C Water with neutral soap or dry clean. If you're using it for striped knitting- dry clean only.

For a bit of background info on how this yarn in spun check out our blog.

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